The Midnight Rooster

Our doors opened in 2001 to a community that embraced its first coffee house, The Midnight Rooster. This establishment, often affectionately referred to as The Rooster, represents good times, good people, good coffee, and good food.


As a sister team of two, Suzanne and Vicki strive to grow the company while continuously supporting individuals in the local community, starting with a focus on hiring and training new staff members reentering society. The team has become a family who enjoys making sure our guests’ experience is nothing short of amazing.

At The Rooster, we understand the work that goes into planning a special event and making it unique for our customers and your guests. Our goal is to ensure our menu reflects those efforts by using the freshest and local ingredients when available. The Midnight Rooster offers drop-off trays and bowls of unique menu selections to businesses, private parties, and pharmaceutical companies.

We are thankful for a supportive community and a team of creative individuals that have helped us bring fantastic food, pastries, bread, and espresso to The Midnight Rooster.

From the Press


" I love their unique specials. Seriously blows chain coffee shops out of the water."


VIP Magazine June 2019

"Affectionately town as “The Rooster”, this coffee shop and eatery has been aa Hartsville staple since 2002. Since then, it has blossomed into a hip spot for coffee dates, eclectic lunches, and my favorite brunch."


VIP Magazine October 2020

"An icon of downtown Hartsville, The Midnight Rooster, is known for its fantastic food (have you tried their pimento cheese biscuits) and cozy atmosphere. Let's not forget the locally roasted coffee. The  Midnight Rooster opened its doors in 2001 as the  community's first coffee house; over the past 20 years,  the coffee house has evolved into not only a place for  a perfect cup of Joe but also a hot brunch spot with  excellent crepes and libations."  Read Full Article HERE

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